Ferris High School

Class of 2016 

Senior All-Nighter

We are over halfway done with our fundraising efforts to raise the funds for this year's Ferris High School Senior All-Nighter Party (SAN).  Planning is underway for many additional events to be held between now and graduation, June 12, 2016.  

The SAN has a long history of providing a safe and fun filled night for all of our graduating class.

On that evening parents along with professional entertainers and event organizers transform the Ferris High School gym and commons into an arcade of fun and games along with food and prizes to make your students final high school experience a night to remember.

You can help make this event happen by donating your time. SAN requires many parent volunteers throughout the year to help with the many fund raising events.  No amount of time is too little and no special skills are needed to help.

Wine Gala & Auction Event

In order to pull off this fun event, we will need 10 to 15 parents to help us run this event.  If you are interested please contact your 2016 SAN Chairs by emailing:

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